Discover the Hospitality of Rural South Ottawa

Enjoy the scenery of farms, forests and the Rideau, sample award winning food at restaurants, and learn about the diverse art and farm products that come from the area. Visit artist studios and watch demos, or stroll through a tree farm. All in a day – just a half-hour drive South of downtown Ottawa!

  • Free Admission
  • Enter a Draw to win a Gift Certificate
  • Donations accepted in support of the North Gower Food Bank.

Venez découvrir l’hospitalité de la région d’Ottawa sud – North Gower et Kars.

Là où fermes et forêts bordent la Rideau, notre diversité artistique et artisanale vous surprendra. C’est l’occasion de visiter studios et ateliers, de parfois y voir artistes et artisans
à l’oeuvre ou encore de vous dégourdir les jambes dans une pépinière. Enfin, les restaurants variés des alentours sauront sans aucun doute répondre à tous les goûts! Un tour d’horizon en une journée, à une demi-heure au sud d’Ottawa!

  • Entrée libre
  • Tirage de chèques-cadeaux
  • Dons acceptés au profit de la Banque alimentaire de North Gower.

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A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Corporate Retreats

Many people think that corporate retreats are a waste of time or that it encourages fraternization between co-workers, however, this is not true. A good corporate retreat can truly help your employees to not only bond with each other, but also the managers and owners of the company. It is a great way to create a healthy and happy team that not only goes to work because they want a salary, but because they genuinely like the company and working there. So, with that said, we will now take a closer look at some more benefits of these retreats.

A corporate retreat gives employees the chance to interact with each other, outside of the bounds of the work place. Most people work next to each other for many years and still have a very superficial relationship with one another. However, by going on a retreat, they are able to develop a deeper relationship and better understanding of one another. These bonds can translate into a happier work environment while strengthening the team so that they work more effectively and efficiently in the long run. When each person learns more about each another, the interaction at work will become more natural and easy going and will ensure that there are fewer communication issues.

Next, another benefit is that it can help people to become more focused and creative. It is no secret that office life can be quite boring and that its not the best place to come up with interesting ideas or be creative with typical work issues. However, by stepping away from the office, everyone will be more in the moment, which means that those creative juices can get flowing. A corporate retreat is a great way to brainstorm for new ideas as well as get suggestions from employees that they may not want to contribute at work.

Lastly, a retreat can act as a reward for the hard work of your employees. This means that in addition to team exercises and specific goals, there should be lots of time set aside for our employees to simply enjoy themselves and have fun. It is important for a company to show gratitude to the people who are responsible for building it and these retreats will definitely increase employee morale and loyalty.

In closing, we have just discussed some of the benefits of corporate retreats. So, if you’re thinking about whether your company should have one or not, the obvious answer is a resounding yes!

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Affordable Canadian Digital Marketing

Attracting more traffic to your site has proved to be quite a difficult task in the recent past considering how expensive some SEO service providers are. However, it is important to know that there are countless SEO providers out there who claim to have the capacity to boost your site’s traffic or increase the rate of conversations on your site.

Majority of these providers claim that they can optimize your site within a short period of time. Don’t let yourself get fooled easily by their fake claim to offer you affordable SEO services before you can hire one. You can use the following tips to find the best quality and affordable SEO service provider for your site.

Tip #1: Use the power of the internet The internet has opened all the opportunities we are enjoying at the moment, especially as a SEO strategy employed by firms seeking online attention. Website owners are capitalizing on the internet revolution to hire affordable search engine optimization services that doesn’t cost much. The main advantage of using the internet to find local digital marketing service is that it presents an overall number of more options to choose from.

Tip #2: Compare the prices and quotes of potential digital marketing companies. After getting a list of potential providers from the internet, create a list that categorizes them based on the one that gives the most expensive quote to that of the least expensive quote. Regardless of these prices, try to check for more information about these service providers one by one in order to determine the best quality but affordable choice.

Tip #3: Look for references and testimonials This is usually the last task used to determining the best quality and the most affordable search engine service provider from a list of potential providers. It is the most crucial step taken before hiring a certain provider for your SEO service search. Look for testimonials and references from past clients to make sure you are hiring the most prolific SEO service provider.

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